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John Updike Recent Sighting, An interview in a small town called Lindstrom!!

John Updike Sighting page 2

Page Three of the Sighting.

Some things that were not said in the interview is that he attended Harvard and graduated in 1954 in English. Grew up in Shillington PN. Later... attended The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art to learn graphic design in oxford England. Writing for the New Yorker for two years becoming known for his unique style of writing and unique themes of novels.
He liked to write in the first basis of his career about chronicler of suburban adultery which he felt was a topic that needed to be told in a different perspective. Has many awards.. His first wife was Mary Pennington which broke up in 1976, then married his second wife Martha. Has seven Grandchildren aging 10 to 23.

List of Awards!!!!

Guggenheim Fellow (1959)

Rosenthal Award, National Institute of Arts and Letters (1959)

 National Book Award in Fiction (1964)

O. Henry Prize (1967-68)

 American Book Award (1982)

 National Book Critics Circle Award, for fiction (1982, 1990)

Union League Club Abraham Lincoln Award (1982)

 National Arts Club Medal of Honor (1984)

National Medal of the Arts (1989)


The Ruskin School

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