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These are also some Questions that we have asked ourselves and were able to come up with the answers along with some research....on how critcs view John's work as well as other miscellaneous things.


What did critics of their time say about them?


There were more critics about his books rather than on his poetry.  In the book “Modern Critical Views John Updike” edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom, They were bias about his work.  The critics each took a book or a story and wrote their thoughts about it.  They compare John Updike to other authors.  “John Barth once described Updike as the Andrew Wyeth of contemporary American writers.”(39).



How popular was this person?


John Updike is well known for his fictional books.  He is not so much well known for poetry.  He does have a book of poetry that he has written for forty years in it.  A several  of his books were made into movies.  The book “Witches of Eastwick” was made into a movie in the late eighties the movie industry took the title of the book.


Did they make a living at it, or did they wallow in poverty because of their love of poetry?


John Updike said in an interview “Even I knew there was no living in being a poet, so fiction was the game.” (2)  He wrote numerous fictional books, poetry, and short stories.



What impact did their poetry have?


John has inflected life into his poetry.  He wrote more about everyday things that was happening to him.


Any great achievements?


2 Pulitzer prizes for fiction.  National Medal of Art.  National Medal for the Humanities.


What books were the most popular?


John Updike wrote over 60 books, but the most popular books are the Rabbit trilogy books.  He won the Pulitzer prizes for them.